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Top 25 Benefits of Massage

This week, October 22-28, the massage community will come together to raise awareness of the benefits of massage during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. The 21st annual celebration is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of massage and inspire people to get out and get a massage to treat their individual aches and pains.

Massage is known to have many, many benefits for the body. More and more research is proving its effectiveness on heath and wellness.
In the coming weeks we’ll take a closer look at some of the major benefits of massage and how they impact our wellbeing.

Here’s a sneak peak at 25 most common health benefits of massage:

1. Relieves stress by decreasing stress hormones, lowering heart rate, and decreasing rate of breathing
2. Reduces the symptoms of anxiety by calming the nervous system
3. Helps effectively manage low back pain by lengthening tight muscles that pull on the low back and strengthening weak muscles to stabilize
4. Reduces muscle tension by breaking up adhesions in muscle tissue, stretching muscles and increasing circulation to muscles
5. Improves athletic performance by producing more mitochondria and increasing the rate that muscles utilize oxygen
6. Reduces symptoms of depression by increasing serotonin production and release
7. Improves sleep by producing melatonin which influences deep, restorative sleep
8. Lowers headache frequency and duration by increasing circulation and decreasing muscle tension in arms, upper back, chest and neck which leads to tension headaches
9. Helps effectively manage chronic neck pain by decreasing inflammation and increasing range of motion
10. Helps manage symptoms of fibromyalgia by reducing fatigue, general body pains, headaches, stiffness and sleeplessness
11. Boosts the immune system by increasing the number of “killer cells” or white blood cells that help fight of infection and viruses
12. Improves cardiovascular health by reducing heart rate, increasing circulation and lowering blood pressure
13. Helps relieve post operatic pain by reducing stress response to pain and increasing circulation to areas of operation
14. Helps improve balance and neurological measures in older adults by increasing mobility
15. Lowers blood pressure by reducing cortisol levels, slowing heart rate and decreasing the rate of breath
16. Increases range of motion through the use of deep stretching and joint mobilization
17. Promotes relaxation and reduce anxiety in cancer patients by calming the nervous system and reducing stress responses
18. Increases chances of weight loss removing metabolic toxins and waste, increasing heart rate and building heat
19. Promotes relaxation and restorative sleep by increasing the production of Melatonin, the “sleep hormone.”
20. Helps improve mental health by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels
21. Helps effectively manage upper back, neck and shoulder pain from sitting at a desk by resetting and realigning muscles
22. Inspires healthy digestion by moving contents more quickly through intestines and removing metabolic waste
23. Improves breathing patterns by opening the chest and rib area which are needed for optimal lung function
24. Generates loving human contact by releasing oxytocin “the love hormone.”
25. Promotes a healthy lifestyle by reducing individual aches and pains and restoring quality of life

These are only a few of the benefits of massage. Stay tuned as we explore even more in the coming weeks.
Better yet, celebrate National Massage Awareness Day by scheduling a massage session today!

by Holly Cook, LMT and Yoga Instructor


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