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New Clients

We recommend New Clients call us to schedule your first appointment to ensure we schedule you for the right appointment with the best team member to fit your needs.

VIP Members

We recommend VIP Members book online or by text to schedule an appointment with your preferred MTW provider. However, if you would like our assistance or have any questions, please give us a call, we are here to help!

How Would You Like to Book Your Appointment?

How to Book an Appointment Online

Please visit our online store and select the appointment tab to book an appointment online. Select the service you are looking for along with your preferred team member, date, and time (if applicable). You will have to login or create an account in order to book an appointment. If you need help remembering your login information, please call the office.

We require a credit card number on file at the time of booking to hold every appointment. You will be able to enter your credit card number at the time of booking. You will receive a text or email confirmation in accordance with your profile settings.

We will no longer be calling to let you know we received your online booking, but we will give you a call if there is a problem and we are not able to fulfill your request.

Please keep in mind, there may be times we call to ask you to move your appointment up or down by 15-45 minutes. We only do this when absolutely necessary but only do it so we can maximize the massage therapists and other staff member’s schedules. Thank you in advance for your flexibility.


We require a Credit Card on file to schedule a massage or any service at MTW. If you need to reschedule, please notify the office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment start time to avoid the Late Cancellation Fee. The Late Cancellation Fee is 50% of the full price of the service.