The Best Denver Chiropractic Care

The Denver Chiropractic Care Team at Moyer Total Wellness is focused on one thing: Reaching your health goals in as few office visits as possible

At Moyer Total Wellness, Our Chiropractors:

    • Perform a thorough exam to get the right diagnosis
    • Evaluate your muscles for tightness or weakness
    • Align your spine and other joints of the body
    • Treat all muscular conditions
    • Recommend very specific stretches and strengthening exercises
    • Recommend general wellness strategies (hydration, nutrition, fitness, rest)
    • Utilize various forms of physiotherapy (ultrasound, heat, ice, taping)

Our Denver Chiropractic Care Team

Moyer Total Wellness was recognized as the #1 place for Denver Chiropractic Care in 2018 by the Denver A-list voters for “Best Denver Chiropractor”. 

Treating the muscles is what sets us apart from most other Chiropractors in Denver. Chiropractic care sessions at Moyer Total Wellness are usually 25 minutes (minimum of 10 minute appointments are available).  Chiropractic adjustments are used to reposition joints that are out of alignment.  Our Chiropractors use various muscle release techniques that provide long lasting relief from pain, stiffness, tightness, and even weakness.

Adjusting the spine alone can provide quick pain relief, but tight muscles can pull things back out of alignment quickly. This can result in the need to visit your chiropractor weekly, or even multiple times in a week. However, when your chiropractor examines and treats the muscles associated with the problem, pain relief lasts longer. When your chiropractor works directly with your massage therapist, pain relief lasts even longer. When your chiropractor prescribes the right exercises (and you do them!) pain becomes a thing of the past.

Active Care Is Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be hard.  At Moyer Total Wellness, we empower our clients to take an active role in their health through education, motivation, and accountability.  Initially, our clients come to us because they have muscle or joint pain.  They have a neuro-musculo-skeletal condition that they think massage or chiropractic care can help with.  During the chiropractic New Patient Exam, a diagnosis is made and treatment plan is formed.

The treatment plan involves home exercises specific to the condition, as well as general lifestyle strategies that involve oxygen, water, food, movement, rest, and avoiding stress.  When our clients work towards improving their circulation, reducing stress, eating well, and maintaining an appropriate level of fitness, they reach their health goals.  They are happy with their results.  They come in monthly for massage or chiropractic care.  They refer their friends in too.

Our Denver Chiropractic Care Process Creates a Synergy for Your Treatment

Your personalized wellness team consists of 3 people: Your Chiropractor, Your Massage Therapist, and most importantly –You.

When your chiropractor adjusts misaligned joints, treats problematic muscles, recommends the right exercises, communicates with your massage therapist, and you do your homework, pain goes away fast, stays away for long periods of time, and you are able to achieve a higher quality of life.

Chiropractic Care Rates

If you're new to our chiropractic care or haven't visited in over 12 months, please book a Chiropractic New Patient Exam for your initial visit.


Full Price

VIP Member Price

New Patient Exam (40 min) $120 $90
10 Minute Follow-Up $70 $50
20 Minute Follow-Up $95 $70
40 Minute Follow-Up $120 $90
55 Minute Follow-Up $145 $110

*Very Important: At the time of booking, please discuss the type of massage or other service you are expecting when you schedule your appointment. This will ensure we match you with the most appropriate staff member for your needs.

We require a Credit Card on file to schedule any appointment at MTW. If you need to reschedule, please notify the office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment start time to avoid the Late Cancellation Fee. When possible, our massage therapists prefer to receive cash tips or tips through Venmo.