The Best Massage Therapy in Denver is at Moyer Total Wellness

The Best Massage Therapy in Denver is at Moyer Total Wellness

Signature Massage Modalities

The following techniques are included in our Signature Massage and will be booked as a Signature Massage. Please check below for more information about our Specialty Massage Services.

Specialty Massages

*Very Important: Please discuss the type massage your are expecting when you schedule your massage. This will ensure we match you with the most appropriate massage therapist.  Each massage therapist at Moyer Total Wellness is very experienced, but also very different and may not perform all of the modalities listed above.


How to Get the Most out of Your Massage Session:

  • Do your exercises – our therapists give exercises after each Denver massage therapy session. These could involve strength building exercise or stretches.
  • Hydrate before and after – body massage sessions often mobilize toxins. Being well hydrated is not only part of a healthy lifestyle, but also helps to eliminate toxic substances after a massage.
  • Relax afterwards – massage is shown by research to relax the body.  Go with it!  Allow your body to stay in its relaxed state.

At Moyer Total Wellness, Our Massage Therapists:

  • Are hired based upon experience and ability to perform therapeutic massage at a high level
  • Are trained to find the underlying causes of pain, tension, and stress in the body
  • Are experienced at stretching tight muscles
  • Mobilize restricted joints
  • Recommend general stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Recommend general wellness strategies (hydration, nutrition, fitness, rest)
  • May use various forms of therapy (heat, ice, cupping)
  • Have plenty of time to talk to you before and after your massage

The Massage Therapists at Moyer Total Wellness Have Consistently Been Voted as the Best Massage Therapists in Denver Since 2012