The Best Massage Therapy in Denver is at Moyer Total Wellness

The Best Massage Therapy in Denver is at Moyer Total Wellness

The Massage Therapists at Moyer Total Wellness Have Consistently Been Voted as the Best Massage Therapists in Denver Since 2012


At Moyer Total Wellness, Our Massage Therapists:

  • Are hire based upon experience and ability to perform therapeutic massage at a high level
  • Are trained to find the underlying causes of pain, tension, and stress in the body
  • Are experienced at stretching tight muscles
  • Mobilize restricted joints
  • Recommend general stretches and strengthening exercises
  • Recommend general wellness strategies (hydration, nutrition, fitness, rest)
  • May use various forms of therapy (heat, ice, cupping)
  • Have plenty of time to talk to you before and after your massage


Massage Therapy at Moyer Total Wellness

Moyer Total Wellness is consistently voted as the Best Denver Massage because our experienced massage therapists customize every massage session to you.  We are open 7 days a week and are conveniently located in South Denver, near I-25 & Colorado Blvd.


Signature Massage

Our Award Winning Signature Massage helps relieve pain, tension, and stress and increases general well-being. It either focuses on the main areas of pain and postural tension, or it can be a relaxing full body massage. Signature Massage modalities include, but are not limited to: Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Migraine Relief, Sports, Postural Correction, Injury Rehab Therapy, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Cupping, Swedish, and Shiatsu Massage.

*Very Important: Please discuss the type massage your are expecting when you schedule your massage. This will ensure we match you with the most appropriate massage therapist.  Each massage therapist at Moyer Total Wellness is very experienced, but also very different and may not perform all of the modalities listed above.


How to Get the Most out of Your Massage Session:

  • Do your exercises – our therapists give exercises after each Denver massage therapy session. These could involve strength building exercise or stretches.
  • Hydrate before and after – body massage sessions often mobilize toxins. Being well hydrated is not only part of a healthy lifestyle, but also helps to eliminate toxic substances after a massage.
  • Relax afterwards – massage is shown by research to relax the body.  Go with it!  Allow your body to stay in its relaxed state.


Massage Therapy is part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Every part of our body suffers from the aging process and chronic stress.  For example, muscles degenerate as we age by replacing functional muscle tissue with dysfunctional fibrotic tissue.  Massage slows this process down.


95% of all injuries are the result of an imbalance somewhere else in the body


Our massage therapists are trained to search for the underlying causes of physical stress on the body.  Many times, muscles develop painful trigger points (myofascitis) because they have become weak or are being pulled on by other tight muscles.  Our therapists have been trained by Randy Moyer, DC to analyze our Denver massage therapy clients for the most common postural faults.  Additionally, the Moyer Total Wellness staff prescribes exercises at the conclusion of almost every massage session.

Our massage staff has experience working with clients with the most common causes of physical stress: poor posture caused by sitting too much, repetitive motion injuries, acute trauma such as sports injuries or car crashes, as well as emotional stress.


Relaxation Is Therapeutic Too

Physical stress is not the only kind of stress we can help with.  Day to day stress is very real and often can lead to physical muscular pain as well. Massage Therapy is shown by research to inhibit the stress response.

The classic example of stress is when a person has to run or fight to save their life. Imagine your family hiking in the woods and a momma moose decides to defend her newborn baby by charging at you.  This is very serious.  Fortunately, your body is equipped with a fantastic stress response.  Your heart rate goes up, you breathe faster, your muscles tense up, your muscles receive up to 1000% more blood and resources, and you begin to burn the stored energy out of your muscles.

In short, to save your life, the stress response gets your muscles ready to run or fight.  To do this, your body stops delivering blood and energy to the organs not needed to immediately save your life.  Your body does not take the time to worry about digestion, fertility, immunity, or detoxification if you are being charged by a moose.


Chronic Stress Is Different

But, what happens when you feel stressed from life.  Work, finances, and family matters often trigger the stress response.  So, when you encounter day to day stress, your muscles tense up and most of your organs are shut down.  Your digestive system, immune system, detoxification, basically all the systems of your body that responsible for keeping you healthy stop working!

It is estimated that a 1-hr Massage Denver session provides 8 hours of relaxation.  A good full body massage therapy session takes you out of your stress reaction and into your healing mode.

Call today to schedule a professional massage with one of our award winning massage therapists.  You will be glad you did.


Moyer Total Wellness was recognized as the #1 place for Massage Therapy in Denver in 2018 by the Denver A-list voters and Top Massage in Denver by 5280 Magazine in 2014 & 2017