Our 4-Step Evidence-Based Approach

Moyer Total Wellness specializes in the conservative treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain (CMSP). Chronic pain negatively impacts our daily lives in every way, from the moment we wake up. It keeps us from performing at our highest levels during the day and from sleeping well at night.

The American Medical Society publishes Evidence-Based Treatment Guidelines for every musculoskeletal condition. After reviewing these guidelines, Randy Moyer, DC developed a 4-Step Approach to treating clients with chronic pain.

Our 4-Step Evidence-Based Approach Includes:

  1. Remove the knots from the surrounding musculature
  2. Lengthen the tight tissues
  3. Mobilize the joints at the level, above and below
  4. Strengthen the weak muscles

For example, when treating “Anterior Shoulder Impingement”, the AMA recommends removing knots from the rotator cuff muscles, traps, levator scapular, pectoralis muscles, and scalenes. It also recommends lengthening any muscles that are shortened like the biceps, pecs, or traps. Finally, weakened, overstretched muscles need to be strengthened, such as the rotator cuff muscles, triceps, rhomboids, and the mid and lower traps.

These evidence-based guidelines are presented in the Journal of the American Medical Association. For every musculoskeletal diagnosis, JAMA lists the muscles that tend to be knotted up, muscles that tend to be shortened, joints that are stuck and out of position, and the muscles that are stretching long and need to be strengthened.

Based off of this information, Randy Moyer, DC created the Signature Massage at Moyer Total Wellness.

Our Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage is a customized blend of the therapists’ skillset in order to effectively remove knots from the affected area, lengthen the tissues that have become shortened, mobilize joints that are out of alignment. In addition, as part of any regular service at MTW, we will always give at least two exercises: one to lengthen the tight tissues and one to strengthen the weak tissues.

Whether you are seeing a Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Rolfer®, or Doctor of Chiropractic at MTW, we will start with a consultation to determine why you are here (90% of new clients first come to MTW because they have pain). We will use our 4-Step Evidence-Based Approach during your service, and you will leave with a better understanding of what is causing your pain, and what you can do outside of our office to continue effectively treating the condition.