Computer Related Postural Disorder

Computer Related Postural Disorder

Its a gift, its a curse, its the computer!

There is no doubt that technology simplifies our lives, but it does not come without a trade off. The body was built to be in motion, out walking around, pushing and pulling with the ability to adapt to the stresses applied.

Adaption can be a double-sword. If you lift weights, your body gets stronger. If you stretch, your body gets longer. But if you sit all day, leaning over a computer, your body adapts to that as well.

Computer Related Postural Disorder, often called Computer Related Postural Stress Syndrome, is the term used is to describe the set of symptoms that most typically occurs when the body adapts to the seated, computer working posture.

Listed below are the most common symptoms associated with computer related postural changes:
– Pain between the shoulder blades
– Pain radiating from the shoulders up into the neck
– Tension headaches
– Carpal Tunnel
– Numbness or tingling down the arm

Moyer Total Wellness offers a comprehensive solution to prevent or correct these adaptations. The long term correction for these changes involves stretching the muscles that have become too tight, strengthening the muscles that have become weak, as well as correcting misalignments in the spine.

If you have ever seen that little old lady walking down the street stooped over, struggling to hold her head up, you should know that she was not always like that. It was a lifetime of poor overall posture that ultimately led her into that position.

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