Functional Assessment

What is the Functional Assessment?

Functional Assessment 2018During this 30 minute session, Dr. Moyer explains his philosophy on how to keep the body healthy.  Specific examples are used to you reach your specific goals. Dr. Moyer believes that an understanding of the body’s five basic needs (oxygen, water, food, movement, and rest) helps to reduce the effects of stress.

The Functional Assessment is Tailored to Each Client’s Goals

Included are various movement assessments, muscle length assessments, a postural evaluation and orthopedic tests. In this assessment, Dr. Moyer determines which muscles are tight, and which muscles are weak. This information is then shared with your massage therapist so you always get a personalized massage when you come to Moyer Total Wellness. Additionally, that information is also used to create a custom fitness program that is emailed with videos demonstrating each exercise.

We highly recommend scheduling your Functional Assessment BEFORE your first massage. This ensures your first massage at Moyer Total Wellness will be customized to your health goals. The Functional Assessment is only $60, or free for members.

Why Get a Chiropractic Assessment Before Your First Massage?

The functional assessment should be scheduled before your first massage session because we want to ensure you are getting the most out of every single massage session at Moyer Total Wellness, starting with your very first appointment.

The functional assessment gives Dr Moyer the time to figure out what areas of the body the massage therapist should focus on during a massage, as it might not always be as obvious as you would think.

For example, if you come in with shoulder and trap pain from hunched over shoulders, you may think you need your shoulders and back massaged the most. When in fact, having your pectoral muscles massaged and lengthened may be the most beneficial course of treatment to eliminate your pain. Dr Moyer can then pair your massage with prescriptive exercises to strengthen the muscles to keep your shoulders in a more pain-free position, thus prolonging the relief provided by the massage therapist.

This is how the Team at Moyer Total Wellness can work together with you!