Chiropractic New Patient Exam

The Chiropractic New Patient Exam + First Treatment is a 45 – 60 minute evaluation and treatment. If you are seeking treatment by one of our talented chiropractors for the first time or have not seen either of them in 12 months or longer, this should be the appointment you book first.
Chiropractic New Patient Exam 2018

What To Expect at Your Chiropractic New Patient Exam

Your Chiropractic New Patient Exam will begin with an intake of your chief complaints, which are typically the reason you are seeking chiropractic care. After a comprehensive health history review, your Doctor of Chiropractic will begin a physical in order to determine the cause of your symptoms. Once the history and review are complete, the treatment and adjustment will begin. The doctor will give you advice on what to do next, which often includes hydration, ice, rest, stretches, massage, or other exercises.

Chiropractic Care is much like other forms of therapy or exercise, the more committed you are to your plan, the more likely you are to reach your desired results.

Chiropractic Treatment Modalities

There are many tools and treatments our chiropractors may use on you depending on your needs. These treatments include but are not limited to: adjustments of the spine or other joints, myofascial release, therapeutic stretching, ultrasound therapy, kinesiology taping, scraping techniques, prescriptive exercises, functional movement screenings, nutrition consultation, heat or ice therapy, and more.