Nutrition Coaching

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Moyer Total Wellness is dedicated to improving the daily lives of our clients, by focusing on the three most important factors of total wellness: Nutrition, Fitness, and Rest.

Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting a persons’ overall health.  Food is our fuel to run our minds and our body’s.  Eating is the biggest factor when it comes to maintaining our ideal weight, whether a person will suffer from a chronic degenerative disease or reach their full potential.

Moyer Total Wellness is locally known as the best place in Denver to get massage therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture as we are very good at getting rid of pain quickly.  Dr. Moyer is also a Nutrition Coach and has over 13 years of helping clients (and professional athletes) reach their health goals by overhauling & optimizing their diet.

Nutrition Coaching

The Nutrition Program at Moyer Total Wellness centers around educating clients on what their individual body needs to reach their goals.  Common goals include: pain reduction, weight loss, and improving energy.  We use the DEXA Scan to track progress.  (The DEXA is the gold standard when it comes to measuring muscle, fat, and bone mass in a person). Regular consultations continue educating clients to keep them motivated towards achieving their health goals.

Program Details

The first step is to schedule the Nutrition Assessment. This first meeting is used to understand your goals, get a clear picture of your health history, and to begin to understand basic nutrition physiology.  Clients typically leave the initial assessment with information on how many calories they should eat per day, how much protein per meal, the number of meals per day, and the best times of the day to eat.  The program officially begins AFTER the first DEXA Scan is performed (and possibly a blood test).  The DEXA is used as a baseline measurement. Throughout the length of the program, regular follow-up consultations are scheduled (at least three) to continue to education and motivate clients towards their goals.  An Additional DEXA Scan is then scheduled to measure changes in body composition since the beginning of the program. Most clients continue weekly or monthly consultations as well as continue to do DEXA scans every 6-12 months.

Benefits of the Nutrition Program at Moyer Total Wellness

  • Achieving Your Ideal Body Weight
  • Minimizing Pain
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Decreasing Inflammation
  • Increasing Energy
  • Boosting Your Immune System
  • Learning to Make the Right Dietary Choices
  • Minimizing the Effects of Stress
  • Boost Growth Hormone Naturally
  • Optimizing Nervous System Functionally
  • Boost Resistance to Brain Injury
  • Shorten Muscle and Joint Recovery from Exercise

Program Costs

The cost of the initial program is $500 and includes the Nutrition Assessment, 3 follow-ups visits and 2 DEXA Scans.

Most clients continue utilizing our services to monitor and change their body composition and overall health and wellbeing.  Follow up visits are $80. Packages of 5 follow-up visits are $320. Additional DEXA Scans are $100 each.

Ready to Get Started?

You can get started by scheduling the initial Nutrition Assessment (1hr) by calling our Front Desk.  We are open 7 days a week.

Not Sure if this is the Right Program for You?

New Clients can also schedule a Free 15 min Nutrition Consultation, if you have questions as to whether this is the best time and place for you to start a program like this.Randy Moyer, DC headshot 2019

Randy Moyer, DC has been coaching clients on setting and achieving body composition goals since 2006.   Dr. Moyer began at The Cenegenics Medical Institute, the medical leader in age management medicine, educating and coaching clients on how to turn their body’s from sugar burners into fat burners in order to lose weight quickly.  Working as a corporate wellness professional for over 8 years Dr. Moyer provided individual and group nutrition coaching to nearly 10,000 clients.  Dr. Moyer is also a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.  Dr. Moyer currently coaches clients of all fitness levels, including professional athletes, on nutrition. Dr. Moyer became a Certified Sports Nutrition Coach in 2018 and uses nutritional guidelines that are proven by research.

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