Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day

by May 1, 2020

There really seems to be a National Day for everything now, and Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day is one of the less weird ones!  (I just discovered that the month of May also observes National Straw Hat Day and National Paperclip Day.  People are weird.)

Anway, May 1st is Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day!  It’s been a holiday since 2014 and most people don’t know it exists!  Now that you know it exists, have you thought about how you’re going to observe the day?

Well, regrettably, Denver is still enduring the stay-at-home orders.  For everyone’s safety, you can’t book a massage in celebration of the day.  You’ll have to wait until the city opens up again, and hopefully, it’s not too far off.  Moyer Total Wellness misses you!

But do you know who else Moyer Total Wellness misses?  Its talented massage therapists.  For over a month now, our therapists have been unable to do what they do best: heal.  And with Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day being a thing, maybe we can celebrate by letting our healers know we care about them.  But how can we do that without visiting Moyer Total Wellness?  Well, let me give you some ideas!

Write a Letter

It can be a card, an email, a Facebook comment on the Moyer Total Wellness Facebook page… just make sure it’s kind and sincere!  You can address it to your favorite massage therapist, or just give a big shout out to the whole team.  The stay-at-home order isn’t just rough for the obvious reasons, such as lack of income.  It can lead to social isolation too (which is also probably an obvious reason, but a little less obvious than the lack of income.)

So reach out to the people who kept you and your muscles happy, and will continue to do so when the lockdown ends!  A little act of kindness goes a long way, and they’ll appreciate knowing they’re appreciated.

Make a Donation

It might be a little hard to ask when so many of us are out of work — not just the massage therapists.  But when businesses start to open back up, massage therapists might still be running into issues.  Just because restrictions are lifted doesn’t mean all Denver residents will immediately let loose.  Plenty will still wear masks and limit their outings, which isn’t a bad idea.  But it does impact professions like massage therapy, which involves a whole lot of bodily contact.  It’s going to take a while for everyone’s lives to go back to normal — or even close to normal.  And for a massage therapist, that prediction can be hard to sit with.

With that in mind, consider making a donation to your massage therapist. Call us or send us an email if you would like assistance with this.

Stay Healthy

The faster some normalcy arrives, the better.  One way to up the chances of businesses staying open is to keep ourselves well.

Here are some easy tips!

Be on top of your hygiene.  Regular handwashing is the number one way to avoid getting sick and prevent spreading germs.  Carry sanitizer at all times if you have it.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C — oranges, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, kale, all that good stuff!  Vitamin C is all about protecting you from sickness!

Drink lots of water!  Remove toxins through hydration!

Improve your immunity with regular exercise — be it walking, yoga, or lifting giant tires.  Being physically fit enhances your ability to fight infection.  Let your immune system know it’s just as cared for as your massage therapist!

Now you know what to do!  Be kind, be healthy, and wish your therapist all the best!

Happy Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day!



Written by: Katrina Jenkins, LMT

Photo credit: Canva

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