Therapeutic Stretching + Massage Therapy

This 1/2 hour service is performed fully clothed on a massage table with a trained therapist assisting every stretch.

Massage and Stretching 2018

Benefits of Therapeutic Stretching

• Increased flexibility
• Increased mobility
• Increased performance

Stretching right after a massage increases the benefits of massage therapy.  Stretching muscles that have become too tight is an effective way to restore posture, decrease tension in the body and reduce the rate of joint dysfunctions like arthritis.

A ½ hour of Therapeutic Stretching is available after any massage therapy session, chiropractic visit or as a standalone service.

Your Muscles Need to be Stretched

Moyer Total Wellness is a great place in Denver to get stretched out after your massage.  Having your muscles stretched out feels great and is very beneficial to the entire body.  Getting your muscles stretched restores posture and balance to the body.

Your muscles need to be stretched.  Your body is an amazing machine.  It is built to be in motion.  The moving parts of your machine often need a tune up.  Stretching our muscles reduces tension in the body which can relieve pain, increase performance, and slow down the aging process.

Signature Massage Rates

Our Award-Winning Signature Massage is our most popular choice. It's a customized blend of massage techniques to boost well-being, alleviate pain, tension, and stress. Whether you need targeted relief or a full-body relaxation, this massage has you covered.

Signature Massage Rates Include: Deep TissueSwedishSportsTrigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Foot FocusReflexology, Migraine Relief, Therapeutic Stretching, Lymphatic MassagePediatric, and Prenatal.

Upgrade any massage to a CBD Massage for $15.

*Pediatric massage rates are at VIP Member pricing.

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Full Price

VIP Member Price

Full Price

VIP Member Price

30 min Signature Massage $65 $52 $80 $55
60 min Signature Massage $105 $84 $125 $90
90 min Signature Massage $145 $116 $170 $125
120 min Signature Massage $185 $148 $215 $160

*Very Important: At the time of booking, please discuss the type of massage or other service you are expecting when you schedule your appointment. This will ensure we match you with the most appropriate staff member for your needs.

We require a Credit Card on file to schedule any appointment at MTW. If you need to reschedule, please notify the office at least 24 hours prior to your appointment start time to avoid the Late Cancellation Fee. When possible, our massage therapists prefer to receive cash tips or tips through Venmo.