Therapeutic Stretching

Moyer Total Wellness is very excited to announce a new fitness and body work service: Therapeutic Stretching.

This 1/2 hour service is performed fully clothed on a massage table with a trained therapist assisting every stretch.

Benefits of Therapeutic Stretching

• Increased flexibility
• Increased mobility
• Increased performance

Stretching right after a massage increases the benefits of massage therapy.  Stretching muscles that have become too tight is an effective way to restore posture, decrease tension in the body and reduce the rate of joint dysfunctions like arthritis.

A ½ hour of Therapeutic Stretching is available after any massage therapy session, chiropractic visit or as a standalone service.

Moyer Total Wellness is a place in Denver to get stretched out.  Having your muscles stretched out feels great and is very beneficial to the entire body.  Getting your muscles stretched restores posture and balance to the body.

Your muscles need to be stretched.  Your body is an amazing machine.  It is built to be in motion.  The moving parts of your machine often need a tune up.  Stretching our muscles reduces tension in the body which can relieve pain, increase performance, and slow down the aging process.