Aloha, my name is Amber Beaudet and I graduated from Denver School of massage therapy in 2010. I have since then worked in the spa, wellness and chiropractic industry. Along with being a licensed massage therapist I am a chiropractic assistant also.

I enjoy assisting with ART(active-release-technique) and encouraging clients to stretch and maintain healthy and happy muscles. My preferred massage is deep tissue therapy incorporated with trigger point therapy and sports massage. I touch/ heal approximately 100 people a week and its amazing how rewarding massage therapy can be for both the client and the therapist.

When I’m not working I’m a mom to a beautiful son, Zachary Levi 🙂 he has truly blessed my life and taught me so much. I feel as though being a mother makes me a better therapist because I can relate to the mass majority of my clientele, because let’s face it having children is hard on the body! My greatest quality would probably be that I love ALL people and want to help everyone around me any way I can.