It has long been known that if you retain an exercise program the benefits are numerous, but  for the older adult that has not been in the gym for years, or individuals that have dropped off their fitness program, getting back in the gym can seem foreign and even scary. A certified personal trainer can help you discover how to use your body again and awaken your enthusiasm for exercise by developing a functional training program.

What is Functional Training?

Simply put functional training refers to training for a specific movement or function. Like activites of daily living or sport specific training.

Ask your self if you ever had trouble bending over to pick up a child, or placing dishes on the top shelf? For athletes do you wish to swing your golf club with more ease or swim faster for your triathalon? If you answered yes then you may need to add a functional training program to your routine.

Functional Training Benefits

•                     Improve truck musculature to act as a stabalizer: help prevent lower back injury

•                     Increase joint flexibility and mobility: permits greater range of motion with out stress to joints or muscles

•                     Better balance: improves neuromuscular efficiency and joint stabilization

•                     Improved posture: encourages realignment of the spine, and correct body positioning

Beneifits for the Older Adult:

•                     Improve balance and coordination – helping to prevent falls

•                     Preserve and restore flexibility – helping joint pain and problems like arthritis

•                     Improve strength – allowing individuls to function independently

•                     Improve cardiovascular endurance – for everyday activites like walking up stairs

•                     Slow advancing age – enabling adults to enjoy the “good life”

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Sarah Tolve   C.M.T  C.P.T.