Here are some of my favorite tips for grocery shopping and meal planning:

Take the time to make a list for the grocery store. This will save you money, time, energy and empty calories. Shop the perimeter of the store first, which is where fruits, vegetables, meats, diary and the bulk section are.
Read every label and avoid buying ingredients you do not recognize. Artificial and processed foods not only contain harsh synthetic ingredients but they generally have less fiber and added sugar. This is a horrible combination for insulin health and the management of your blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar leads to low energy and fat gain. I can’t emphasize the importance of reading labels enough.
Shop in Season. Foods that are in season are picked at their peak and have the highest antioxidant levels available.
Pick out some recipes that spark your creativity. This will get you out of your recipe rut and inspire you to cook. I prefer to go online or to magazines to search for recipes. You can subscribe to the newsletters of sites you like to get continual recipes to try out. Try a new recipe every time you cook to keep it fresh and exciting.
These are some of my favorite websites for recipes:

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Jessica Lee Paulos, Master Nutrition Therapist and Health Manager

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