What Is Sports Massage?
Sports massage is a form of massage that
utilizes specific strokes to help athletes
obtain maximum performance and physical
conditioning by increasing power, endurance,
and mobility—both before and after an
event or exercise.

Who Can Benefit?
Sports massage is particularly beneficial
when an athlete is in training for an event.
It’s also helpful for anyone who routinely
stretches physical limits through movement.
Swimmers, weight lifters, runners, golfers,
ball players, skaters, dancers, tennis players,
musicians, and boxers, as well as weekend
warriors and those who practice strength
training or aerobics, have benefited from
sports massage.

What Are The Common Causes
Of Sports Injuries?
Injuries are commonly experienced when an
individual has overtrained, fails to sufficiently
warm up, receives trauma, or has muscular imbalances,
poor flexibility, mineral deficiencies, inadequate
endurance, or simply does too much too
soon. Insufficient muscle strength and poor muscle
tone may also lead to injury or a muscle tear.

How Can Sports Massage Help
In Rehabilitation?
Sports massage can accelerate the healing process,
increase range of motion, reduce adhesions, and
reduce swelling, bruising, and pain. Areas of stress
in other muscles, created through compensating for
an injury, can be eased with a regular sports massage
regimen. Sports massage can partially compensate
for lack of exercise during inactivity while recovering
from injury. Sports massage is also used to relieve
muscular spasms and fatigue-related injuries.

Why Is Sports Massage
Sports massage is more than just a reward at
the end of a workout. It is a vital tool for keeping
athletes primed for top performance and
even lengthening their careers. Recognized as
an important part of a regular maintenance
program, sports massage is widely used by individuals,
teams, and Olympic and professional athletes.