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by mysanity09


I had gotten hurt on the job and the workman’s comp was bad. The doctor I went to believed more in medicine and I didn’t complain loud enough because I needed to keep my job, Silly me because that company always gets rid of their employees once workman’s comp has been involved and I wasn’t any exception. Anyway, a year and a half later, I still have pain in my hip that should have been fixed earlier.
I received a gift certificate for an hour massage that my daughter had purchased on one of those group-on ads for Moyer Total Wellness. I have gone just a few times but Sabra, my massage therapist, has been fantastic. I was skeptical to begin with but I am becoming a believer. Each session is helping ease the hip pain.
Moyer Total Wellness was easy for me to find and Noel at the front desk is super personable. They are truly lucky to have her there.
I would recommend a massage at Moyer Total Wellness to anyone who is in pain or if you just want to treat yourself. You would not be disappointed. I already purchased a gift certificate for a friend of mine because I believe in it just that much. As far as I am concerned, they are miracle workers! If you don’t try it, you can’t complain. But, when you do try it, you too will be a believer.