Trigger Point Therapy / Neuromuscular Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy, also referred to as neuromuscular therapy, is a modality which uses deep pressure and cross-fiber friction to treat localized areas of muscle strain. These sore areas are called trigger points, which are tender to the touch and a common cause of muscular pain.

Trigger Point / Neuromuscular Therapy Massage 2018What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger points are caused by a buildup of a waste product called lactic acid.  Your muscle fibers are designed eliminate lactic acid before the waste amasses into a painful trigger point.  But if your muscles are strained (from over-exercising, poor posture, etc.), the blood flow to your muscle fibers becomes insufficient, hindering the muscular tissue’s ability to filter the waste.

Trigger point therapy involves the application of deep pressure to a sore trigger point.  The deep pressure will increase blood flow to the area, which will push old blood out and send new oxygen-rich blood to the muscle fibers.  The improved circulation will allow the muscle to get rid of the waste, which will in turn release the trigger point.

When therapists incorporate trigger point therapy into your session, they may use their elbows or fingers to treat a single trigger point.  All therapists have their own unique style. One therapist may sink an elbow into the trigger point and hold the pressure there for up to a minute, waiting for the sore spot to naturally release.  Another therapist might pinch the trigger point and then gently pull on the skin, allowing the cross-fiber friction to stretch the fascia on top of your muscles.  Trigger point therapy is usually painful, and you may experience referral pain (pain that radiates to another area of the body when the trigger point is palpated) while receiving the treatment.  Referral pain can feel sharp, dull, numb, tingly, or hot. While unpleasant during the session, the pain relief that comes along with it is worth the temporary pain.

Neuromuscular Therapy Massage for The Spine

Another form of neuromuscular massage involves the treatment of your spinal processes.  Your spine is probably the most overlooked part of the body when it comes to massage and it’s likely that most people have never had their spine massaged before.

When the spaces between the spine’s transverse and spinous processes are massaged, blood flow is increased to the entire body.  Your therapist may use a t-bar, a wooden t-shaped massage tool, to carefully dig into these tiny areas. The treatment opens up your nerve centers, removing toxins from the spinal cord while relieving back pain, neck pain and headaches.

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