At Moyer Total Wellness, we specialize in therapeutic massage.  You will never get a massage here where someone rubs oil on your back and calls it a massage.

Some of our clients use our wellness center because they have serious health conditions in which massage is proven to be effective; cancer is one of them

Here are some highlights of a recent article:

  • A new research study shows cancer patients with bone pain benefited from massage therapy in terms of pain intensity, improved mood, muscle relaxation and sleep quality.
  • “Results from repeated-measures analysis of covariance demonstrated that massage resulted in a linear trend of improvements in mood and relaxation over time,” the researchers noted.
  • “More importantly, the reduction in pain with massage was both statistically and clinically significant, and the massage-related effects on relaxation were sustained for at least 16 to 18 hours postintervention.”
  • Overall, “results from this study support employing MT as an adjuvant to other therapies in improving bone pain management,” they added.