A 2010 survey conducted by the APA showed “that the majority of Americans are living with moderate or high levels of stress”.

Stress can present itself in one (or more) of three forms: Physical Stress, Emotional Stress, and/or Chemical Stress.  

Physical Stress

The most apparent form of physical stress is through an acute injury. An acute injury is an injury that has occurred as a result of a specific event. Pulling a muscle slipping, fracturing your wrist bowling, dislocating a shoulder skiing; these are examples of acute injury that constitute physical stress. Acute injuries encompass everything from muscle pulls, fractures, and ligament sprains to dislocations.

However, not all types of physical stress come in such obvious form. The most common and under treated form of physical stress comes from a longstanding condition or overuse, both of which are also known as chronic stress. The accumulation of sitting with bad posture daily or conditions such as arthritis, create a stress on the body that can be just as harmful as any injury.

Fortunately, there are available and affordable approaches to treating physical stress and in turn achieve optimal wellness.

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Keep a look out for Emotional Stress- Part Two of the Three Forms of Stress.