Tiger Woods has had his personal ups and downs but his golfing career is on an amazing up swing.  He is known as once of the greatest golfers the game has ever seen. In addition to rigorous training Woods also takes additional measures to keep his back and body healthy and strong by involving Chiropractic Care in his lifestyle.  In fact, using Chiropractic Care to achieve ultimate athletic performance, has long been in his regimen.  According to Dr. Dorausch, “In 1997 and at age 21 Tiger Woods  became the youngest Masters winner ever. He also won three other PGA events that year. His chiropractic care that year was provided by Dr. Jeff Spencer” (read full article here) who also cared for athletes such as Lance Armstrong.

Additional studies shows that Chiropractic Care is the ideal treatment for any golfer. “There are three fundamental causes of golf injuries: poor posture, lack of flexibility and poor swing mechanics. The root cause of poor mechanics is often a result of a physical restriction or mechanical dysfunction, which may be alleviated through chiropractic procedures. Lack of flexibility can also be addressed by treatment and a prescribed stretching program specifically designed around each patient’s restrictions. Obviously, chiropractic care is ideally suited to deal with poor posture.” Read the full report here.

All in all, golf can be damaging to the body and spine over time in underlying ways.  Increase your wellness and your performance on the course with Chiropractic Care.  Schedule your session today.