Lower back pain can make everyday tasks significantly more difficult.  Along with alternative therapies like Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture can significantly reduce the severity of lower back pain.

Below are results from various research and studies conducted on this topic, summarized by NCAAM Clinical Digest.

  • According to clinical practice guidelines issued by the American College of Physicians and the American Pain Society in 2007, acupuncture is one of several CAM therapies physicians should consider when patients with chronic low-back pain do not respond to conventional treatment.
  • In early, small studies, combining actual acupuncture with conventional treatment was more effective than conventional treatment alone for relieving chronic low-back pain.
  • A large, rigorously designed clinical trial reported in May 2009 found that actual acupuncture and simulated acupuncture were equally effective—and both were more effective than conventional treatment—for relieving chronic low-back pain.

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