But, patients say complementary treatments reduce nausea, ease pain and anxiety and assist with sleep during chemotherapy.

Acupuncture and massage are becoming widely accepted as palliative care options for those suffering through or recovering from cancer treatment.

Moyer Total Wellness has been doing massage for cancer patients (mostly breast cancer) for many years now, however, we recently added Dr. Penny Wells, a highly respected senior doctor of acupuncture.

Penny also treats:

ü  Low Back Pain

ü  Sciatica and Leg Pain

ü  Ankle and Foot Pain

ü  Pain from Spinal Injuries and Fusions

ü  Bursitis and Tendinitis

ü  Sprains, Strains, Torn Muscles and Tendons

ü  Cervical Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

ü  Depression

ü  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

ü  Numbness and Swelling of Extremities

ü  Trigger Fingers

ü  Hand and Fingers Pain and Numbness

ü  Whiplash Injuries

ü  Soft Tissue Injuries

ü  Headache

ü  Eye Pain

ü  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

ü  Scapular Pain

ü  Rotator Cuff Injuries

ü  Injured Ribs

ü  Broken Limbs

ü  Circulation Problems

ü  Bell’s Palsy

ü  Facial Pain

ü  Vertigo