Massage + Chiropractic

Moyer Total Wellness is a place where you can get quality chiropractic care and award-winning massage therapy in one place!

The Total Body Tune-Up is an innovative therapeutic treatment combining chiropractic care and massage therapy into one treatment.  Treatments involving both chiropractic care and massage therapy focus on the most stressed areas of your body. Great option for relief of headaches, back pain and postural strain, and other areas of discomfort you may be experiencing.

The service begins with a 45 minute comprehensive musculo-skeletal evaluation including physical assessment to determine which muscles are tight and which muscles are weak. The information gathered is shared with your massage therapist  as well as used to create a customized corrective exercise program.  After your chiropractic treatment, your 55 minute  therapeutic massage (with one of our 10 massage therapists) is focused on releasing tension from muscles that have become tight and may be causing pain in other parts of the body.

Denver Chiropractor

Dr. Moyer is the clinic director at Moyer Total Wellness.

Dr. Moyer may treat you before the massage or after, depending on which is needed. Dr. Moyer uses very specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore proper position (posture) of the joints of the body.

Just one visit to Moyer Total Wellness can begin the process  of treating your painful condition.  The Total Body Tune-Up includes:

  • Health History Review & Discussion of Problem
  • Postural Screening & Functional Movement Assessment
  • Manual correction of joint misalignments (Chiropractic Adjustment)
  • Treatment of problematic muscles (Myofascial Release & Massage Therapy)
  • Corrective exercise plan prescription

When your chiropractor adjusts misaligned joints, treats problematic muscles, recommends the right exercises, communicates with your massage therapist, and you do your homework, pain goes away fast, stays away for long periods of time, and you are able to achieve a higher quality of life.

*Please call and speak to a member of our front desk team for current pricing.