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Award Winning Massage Therapy & Chiropractor Evaluation and Treatment at Moyer Total Wellness


Quick Pain Relief!

Ultimate MassageAn innovative therapeutic treatment combining chiropractic care and massage therapy into one treatment.  Treatments involving both chiropractic care and massage therapy focus on the most stressed areas of your body. Great option for relief of headaches, back pain and postural strain, and other areas of discomfort you may be experiencing.

The service begins with a 45 minute comprehensive musculo-skeletal evaluation.  The information gathered is shared with the massage therapist so your 55 minute  therapeutic massage with one of our 10 massage therapists, is focused on releasing tension from muscles that have become tight and may be causing pain in other parts of the body.

Your chiropractic doctor may treat you before the massage or after, depending on which is needed.

The service is completed back in the Doctor’s treatment room (if needed).  The Chiropractors at Moyer Total Wellness use very specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore proper position (posture) of the joints of the body.





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