My name is Michaela Cox and I am a licensed massage therapist. Graduating from Denver School of Massage Therapy I learned a 14 modality curriculum. Trigger point and deep tissue/sports being my favorite subjects. My intention is to eventually return your body to homeostasis (http://www.sdbodytherapies.com/page/258984203) , by combining an intergrated massage with stretching and repatterning postural dysfunctions.
I love using trigger point therapy and and neuromuscular techniques to work knots out of muscles quickly and efficiently. Knowing that every muscle is different is the reason why I create more of a custom massage by blending styles. I am a firm believer in stopping the cycles of pain. How are you to stop hurting if you keep putting yourself in the same positions? The stretching will reinforce the massage work that was done, and yes there will be stretching homework 😉

It is important that we both commit to a plan of action.

“Every man is the builder of a temple called HIS body”

– Henry David Thoreau