I recently read an article on Yahoo “Shine” in which the gist of the article talked about how to make make a good first impression….the tagline is what lured me in…”how people judge you”.

I thought the entire article was good, but I was really glad to read the part about posture.

“5. Take up space: Simply standing tall can speak volumes. According to a 2011 study published in Psychological Science, so-called “posture expansiveness”-where you open up the body and occupy space-not only makes you appear more confident and authoritative, you actually think and act that way. Posture matters even more than your title: It gives you a sense of power, no matter where you line up on the totem pole, researchers say.”

If you have seen me for chiropractic before, you have heard me say that one of the more powerful things a person can do is to be mindful of their posture. Most of the people that come in because they have pain associated with their spine or tension headaches. Poor posture, letting the chest sink down, shoulders and head coming forward, tend to create tension along the spine. So, sitting with good posture not only relieves that tension, but it also makes a person appear more confident!