I was recently reading an article that I found summed up the difference between the body work at Moyer Total Wellness vs massage at some of our competitors like Massage Envy.  I thought I would include a few of the highlights here:

1) If you need to relax, schedule a relaxation massage.

2) if you have pain, please let your massage therapist know the exact location and the what make the pain feel better or get worse.

As many of you know, I do a lot of muscle work in my chiropractic treatments.  That is work is specialized form of myofascial release.  Many of our massage therapists also have the ability to zero in on painful areas and the work the fascia in way that will quickly relieve the tension.

Working at a computer and holding your body in specific positions for lengths of time can cause certain muscles to get tight and certain muscles to get weak.  This will lead to postural imbalances as well as adhesions in the fascia.  Together, this usually causes pain.

These are structural problems that generally require a structural solution.  It really doesn’t make sense to see your regular doctor for these painful conditions as they will most likely prescribe a chemical solution.  Most important to note, chemical solutions do not fix structural problems.  You would get more bang for your buck seeking help from a fitness trainer, chiropractor, or massage therapist.

At Moyer Total Wellness, the aim of treatment programs are to relieve pain and muscle spasms, improve range of motion, mobilize joints and return people as closely as possible to their normal functioning.