The Ultimate Massage

The Ultimate Massage is an innovative therapeutic treatment combining chiropractic care and doctor-directed massage therapy into one treatment. Treatments involving both chiropractic care and massage therapy focus on the most stressed areas of your body.

This treatment begins with a 60-minute chiropractic exam and treatment by Dr. Moyer in which he will identify problematic areas and painful joints, treat those areas and relay information to the massage therapists so they can alleviate muscular tension in specific key areas of the body for the ultimate relaxation, therapeutic massage available in Denver!

Called the “Ultimate Massage” because this treatment provides quick relief from pain, eases muscular tension, and improves overall structure and function of the human frame.

Whether your pain is from an acute traumatic injury, or from chronic tension (computer-related postural disorder) chiropractic and massage combined form a powerful healing approach that addresses pain on many levels.

There is a $5 additional charge for moderate to severe pain requiring the use of physical therapies such as ultrasound or pain-relieving massage cream.

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**Please remember: Moyer Total Wellness is not a spa. We are a therapeutic wellness center offering many forms of treatment. There is no fluff here. We will never rub oil on your back and call it a massage. This massage is doctor directed. You may be sore after this treatment if you do not ask your massage therapist to not perform deeper pressure (deep tissue) bodywork.