Why a Couples Massage Makes the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

by Feb 12, 2020

So, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  With that in mind, have you thought about a gift for your special someone?

You could get them chocolate.  But what’s the point of that when National Discounted Candy Day is February 15th?  You could also get them flowers.  But, as lovely as they are, flowers don’t have much to offer when your sore muscles need relief.


Valentine’s Day Couples Massage

Wait, how do sore muscles have anything to do with Valentine’s Day Gifts?  Well, think about it… does your loved one have sore muscles?  Or, does your loved one need some overall relaxation?  If they have one or both of those, then I think you know where I’m going with this.  But in the event that you did see the title, I’m telling you to get them a massage!

And do you know what’s better than gifting your sweetheart a massage?  How about gifting yourself a massage too!  And better yet, enjoy your massage together!  Make the holiday a self care day, just for the two of you by enjoying a Valentine’s Day couples massage.

If you’re familiar with couples massage, then you already know how great a gift they make.  If you’ve never had one, let me tell you what to expect.  Then we’ll get into why they’re the perfect gift!

What to Expect

When you come in for your appointment, you will both be greeted by your individual massage therapists.  From there, the four of you will head to the couples room.  It’s just like any massage room, except it’s more spacious and has two massage tables.

You will each receive your own pre-consultation from your therapist.  They’ll leave the room to let you both undress to your comfort level, and then you’ll cover yourselves atop the massage tables.  Just like with any massage, the session will be tailored to your needs.  You and your partner are sharing the room, but you’ll both receive a personalized massage.  The therapists aren’t going to mimic one another and do the exact same techniques in synchrony.  Your therapist could be working your back, while the other works on your partner’s legs.

The session can last anywhere from 30 minutes (but I don’t recommend booking that!  It flies by too fast!) to two hours.  Make sure you and your partner discuss how long you want the session to be.  Not everyone is crazy about the longer massages, and some people exclusively take to long massages.  Be on the same page so you’re both happy!  Afterall, happiness is only real when shared (to quote Christopher McCandless).  So let the happiness be real!

When the session comes to an end, you can get up and get dressed at your own pace as soon as the therapists leave.  Crack the door open when you’re both decent, and the therapists will hand you some water before giving the post-consultations.  It ends just like a non-couples massage, except there’s four people hanging around instead of two.

Ok, so why should you gift one to your significant other?


Why get a Couples Massage as a Gift



Whether you’re in a newer relationship or you’ve been married for eighty years, this is a great way to connect with a partner.  Maybe you’ll find this is something you both really enjoy, and shared interests play a weighty role in a strong relationship.

Trying Something New

There’s the possibility that your partner has never had a massage.  And there’s a possibility within that possibility that your partner hasn’t ever wanted one.  There are plenty of reasons for this; fear or being touched by another person, etc.  Getting a couples massage can help your partner feel more at ease if they’re new to this whole body work thing.  Maybe they’ll feel more comfortable with you in the room.  And when it’s all over, they’ll have shared a new experience with you!  How special is that?


You know when you’ve had a long day at work and you really want to do something special with your partner… but you’re also extremely tired?  Well, the great thing about massage is that you don’t have to move (except for when you flip over to have your anterior body worked, assuming you want anterior body work).  And guess what?  If you fall asleep during the massage, it’s therapeutic for you!  One hour of massage offers you the same relaxation as one hour of sleep.  So, if you fall asleep during the massage, you’ve doubled the benefit!  Instead of nearly passing out at a fancy French restaurant, you can pass out together in a massage room where it’s socially appropriate to do so.


Of course, the most common reason people get massages is for physical and/or emotional healing.  Your muscles need love, your mentality need love, and your love needs love.  With a couple massage, you can give love to all three of those!


Book Your Valentine’s Day Couples Massage Early

Availability for couple massages fills up quickly as Valentine’s Day approaches.  Try to book as early as you can!  Let your loved ones know how special they are with the gift of relaxation!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Written by Katrina Jenkins

Photo Credit: canva.com

Resources: “What to Expect During a Couple’s Massage.” Spafinder, 6 Dec. 2019, www.spafinder.com/blog/relationships/expect-couples-massage/.

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