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Posture: Are You Making a Good First Impression?

I recently read an article on Yahoo “Shine” in which the gist of the article talked about how to make make a good first impression….the tagline is what lured me in…”how people judge you”. I thought the entire article was good, but I was really glad to read the part about posture. “5. Take up […]

Chiropratic Care for Your Back

Back pain ranks among the most common problems that bring people to chiropractors. In fact, one out of every three people who suffer from low back pain seeks chiropractic care, making it the most utilized healthcare practice outside of conventional medicine. Chiropractic spinal manipulation has now had about three decades of very active research, and […]

Stress Hormones May Increase Cardiovascular Risks for Shift Workers

Several studies have shown that massage therapy lessens workers’ stress and pain, and that employee stress is a growing health hazard. New research indicates shift work, defined as work performed primarily outside standard working hours, at a young age is associated with elevated long-term cortisol levels and increased body mass inde, according to an Endocrine […]

Massage Therapy and Other CAM Therapies Provide “Remarkable Relief” of Back Pain

Massage therapy and five other types of complementary health care effect “great benefit” for back-pain sufferers, according to recent research. Back pain is the second-leading reason for ambulatory visits in the U.S. This survey aimed to explore promising CAM therapies. Overall, 60 percent of the more than 31,000 people surveyed who had at least one […]

MD reviews safety of chiropractic care

by Randy Moyer, DC I often get asked by patients how safe chiropractic care really is.  I generally answer that with a quick review of the costs of chiropractic malpractic insurance rates as compared with other health care providers. – Back surgeons generally pay about $100 – $150k in malpractice insurance per year. – Medical […]

Chiropractic Care Outperforms Prescription Medicine

Every year 38 million Americans try alternative therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. How helpful are those and other alternative treatments? Consumer Reports’ survey of its readers found that hands-on treatments such as chiropractic and deep-tissue massage helped relieve back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis. And in the case of back pain, chiropractic care […]

Denver Chiropractor

Testimonial from Cari Levy, MD – Colorado Board Certified Internist “I first tried chiropractic because I felt something was out of place in my neck. After receiving regular chiropractic care, I soon realized that my migraine medication began piling up in my medicine cabinet. I used to suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, several times per […]

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