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Posture: Are You Making a Good First Impression?

I recently read an article on Yahoo “Shine” in which the gist of the article talked about how to make make a good first impression….the tagline is what lured me in…”how people judge you”. I thought the entire article was good, but I was really glad to read the part about posture. “5. Take up […]

Janet Jackson’s New Slim Figure

Janet Jackson recently reveals her new weight loss and what she says is the cause behind her new healthy change.

Chemical Stress – Part 3 of The Three Forms of Stress

In addition to Physical and Emotional stress, your body and wellness can suffer from Chemical stress. Chemical stress is induced by toxins in your environment.  This includes everything from the foods and drinks you consume to the medication you take to the air you breathe.

Emotional Stress – Part Two of the Three Forms of Stress

Part one discussed physical stress, a stress on the body that is visible in poor posture or in the form of an injury.  In part two, we will cover emotional stress, which can be just as harmful to your body yet not visibly apparent like physical. According to Dr. Ben Kim, emotional stress is one of […]

Physical Stress – Part One of The Three Forms of Stress

A 2010 survey conducted by the APA showed “that the majority of Americans are living with moderate or high levels of stress”. Stress can present itself in one (or more) of three forms: Physical Stress, Emotional Stress, and/or Chemical Stress.  

2012 Sunday Massage Special only $44

Moyer Total Wellness is open Sundays from 9am – 8pm. Book a 1-hr Signature Massage any Sunday in 2012 for only $44. Upgrade to a 1.5 hr massage for only $19 more. Upgrade to a  Hot Stone Massage for only $15 more. Moyer Total Wellness finished Runner-Up our of 220 Denver Massage companies for “Best […]

Free Massage – Winning Ticket – 783531

Congrats to winning ticket #783531!   Please call (303) 756-9355 by next Sunday to claim your free 1-hr massage!

Moyer Total Wellness is now open SUNDAY’S!

Starting November 13th, Moyer Total Wellness is now open on Sundays, from 10am – 4pm. 

Denver A-List Special Promotion

As many of you know, Moyer Total Wellness was a finalist for Best Massage in Denver, finishing 2nd out of over 220 companies.  The Denver A-list is promoting us today with a very special offer.  For only $40, you can get a 1-hr massage as well as our Year of Massage membership.  This is a […]

Stress Hormones May Increase Cardiovascular Risks for Shift Workers

Several studies have shown that massage therapy lessens workers’ stress and pain, and that employee stress is a growing health hazard. New research indicates shift work, defined as work performed primarily outside standard working hours, at a young age is associated with elevated long-term cortisol levels and increased body mass inde, according to an Endocrine […]

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