Trans fats have been banned in Colorado’s schools with the passing of the SB 68 bill.  Colorado joins California, Deleware, Oregon, and other states in the next move to improve our nation’s health, beginning with our nation’s youth. Dr. Moyer of Moyer Total Wellness, contributed key medical testimony in the movement of this bill. 

Most of us know trans fats are not healthy, but do we really know the damage they can do?  Dr. Moyer outlines what trans fats really are and they impact they have on our health.

Transfats are defined by the National Academy of Science has having no nutritional value, meaning it is not food…” In addition to not being of any nutritional value, “trans fats raise LDL, the bad cholesterol, and lower the HDL, the good cholesterol. This profile is one of the leading indicators for risk of cardiovascular disease.”

While an adult may choose whether or not to eat food with trans fat, Dr. Moyer points out that school children do not have the same choice.Trans fats cause poor health and sickness and therefore a loss of productivity. We send our children to school in the first place to become more productive and we should be supporting that goal with the right nutrition.”

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According to 9 News, supporters of the bill also say that removing trans fats will help combat the increasing problem of child obesity. Currently in the U.S., 12.5 million of our children are obese according to the most recent reports by the CDC.  In fact in an article on SB 68 by MSNBC, although Colorado is one of the healthiest states, we have one of the higher obesity rates in children, with 14.2% of our children and adolescents falling into the category of clinically obese.

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Dr. Moyer discusses the consequences of trans fats, which are most often linked with obesity. “Trans fats are generally inflammatory. Inflammation is the root cause of all degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. Even more concerning is that many of the research articles on pubmed prove that trans fats cause memory loss.”

Overall, moving closer to banning trans fats in Colorado Schools is a positive step forward for the health of our children and in turn the health of the adults that they will become.

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